Friday, April 2, 2010

Key Elements

Well, dear readers,

There have been big goings on at our home this week, so I haven't had much time to share, but I will let you in on the big changes soon, I hope. In the meantime, I wanted to share my progress in the entryway. I'm trying to add in some art to cozy it up and make it much more welcoming. Inspired by this post from CG and also an image from Pottery Barn Home I set out to make my own art out of a skeleton key Mr. Wonderful had in his house when we got married. I always thought it was super cool, but didn't know how to display it. Using a frame I already had, I fitted some burlap in as a background. It is just held in by the fiberboard and the frame's hardware. I simply hot glued the key onto the burlap. But it didn't stick (it is pretty heavy). So I ended up drilling a few holes into the fiberboard and sewing the key in with black thread (barely noticable).

I thought I'd have to buy a shadowbox frame or something, but then I realized I could just take the glass out of the frame. So that's what I did! For now I think I'll just leave the frame as is. It looks like a chippy wooden frame, but it is actually plastic.

Free wall art! Hoorah!

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