Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome on in!

Yay! So I "finished" the art wall in our entryway. I say "finished" because I'll probably add to it over time. I wanted some kind of welcome art and had been admiring some in Pottery Barn Home with the word "welcome" spelled out in mismatched letters and numbers in white on a white background. I scoped out the letters in Michaels and Joanne's lamenting the fact that "welcome" has so many letters in it, as those letters add up. And it seemed kind of formal for us, and then I saw these sweeties: They were right next to each other (alphabetical, you know) and it clicked. Much more fun! I have always liked the size and font of these letters from Joanne's. So I painted them up with two coats of leftover "Happy Camper" from Behr. Easy peasy! I hung them up with those strips from 3M that come off easily. Behold the less welcoming before:
And the much more welcoming after!

The clear files on the wall are to store things that I don't want to forget as I go out the door (but still do). They looked very antiseptic before, but now they look a little more mod and cozied up.
I wanted the arrangement to look random, like I added to it over time (which I have and will continue to do!)

Mr. Wonderful and I found some of the fabric when we went away for our anniversary. We found a store that was going out of business and got some fat quarters on the cheap. The key art from my last post is in the mix too. Appropraite for an entryway, I think!

A $.39 1/4 yard fabric piece from Walmart (I think it's my favorite) is above the "hi". Its a retro-looking apple print.

So it's better, yes? I still have a lot of ideas for the entryway, but it's good to see progress!


  1. I love the "hi" for the welcome, instead of welcome. So fun and quirky. Love the fabric, too. I'm always attracted to hoops with funky fabrics.

  2. Very cute!! I love pink and green, and those are super cute fabrics!

  3. I've seen those fabric hoops on Etsy. Instead of spending $20 or more to order one I can take that money and create several.
    Thanks for the tips.

  4. hi there!! i found your site through the nester and i had to tell you how much i love those hoops. it's one of my favorite ways to add a little color to a wall and the fabrics you chose are so cute. great job!!


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