Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hi, My Name is Ally and I'm a Tag Sale-aholic.

Let me hear you now, "Hi, Ally!"

Thank you for your show of support. At least I've taken my first step, right? Admitting the problem?

I found a GREAT estate sale last weekend. I'm finding that the best recipe for a great tag sale is older house out in the country, maybe on a farm, an older lady's house. I could have bought so much more, but I stood my ground. This is actually a pillow case, but I'm using it flat on the kitchen island right now. I HEART the colors. They had a ton of stuff like this. One of the ladies running the sale said "oh you're one of those....what do you call it? Shabby chic people, aren't you? (I'm not really, but what do you say?) She then proceeded to point out all this great stuff to me. Every few minutes.

This is handmade. Not totally sure what it's going to do yet. Perhaps hold magazines in the guest room.

Some of it isn't exactly baby friendly. But I love it! An apple crate. This might flip over and be a table in the outdoor room. (the one in my mind. That MAYBE will become a reality when pigs fly. I would LOVE an outdoor room)
And this adorable vintage baby romper for a dime:

Modeled by Miss Ava herself. It's a 12 month outfit, but I don't know if it'll fit her in another month-and-a-half! I'm sure sizing is different these days. But I figured for a dime, I had to get it!

Thanks for listening, and for your support as I battle my addiction. To tag sales.


  1. Ally, You are your mother's daughter. Doesn't Ava look adorable?

  2. I gotta admit. I'm pretty partial. :0)


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