Thursday, April 22, 2010

DIY Wedding Decor

We've been a little quiet around here. A couple projects waiting in the wings. Mostly we've been working on project get-Ava-to-poop and project get-Ava-to-sleep-through-the-night-it's-been-ten-point-five-months-already-girl!!! The former was a success. All I needed was an oral syringe, as apparently I have the only baby on the planet who doesn't like juice. The latter project....let's just not talk about that :0/

SO I thought I could share the diy decorations from our wedding. We wanted to do our wedding on the cheap. I had no idea what I wanted it all to look like (and we had 4 months to plan!) So I looked through all the wedding magazines I had collected and ripped out what I liked. It worked great (this is also a great idea for home decorating/remodeling projects). Everything I picked seemed to have a handmade/springlike appeal to it. So a theme emerged.

This was the inspiration picture I found in the magazine for centerpieces. That was even before I realized that birds were hip. So I employed (and when I say employed, I mean I didn't pay them. They were more like indentured servants) many friends and family members to make 1100 cherry blossoms out of crepe paper. You know. No big deal.

My sister added the birds, and also made these super cute vases to put them in. My parents cut down all their bushes in the backyard. Awww....
These are our invitations. We printed them from a kit at Target. We stamped the bird, scanned it and made it a watermark on the back. I love how they turned out, but if I had it to do all over again, I'd have paid someone else to print them. It took forever. But it was good team building for Mr. Wonderful and I!

This picture is to showcase the wreaths that my sister made (over my left shoulder) They are also made out of crepe paper blossoms (over and above the 1100 we already made!) She is truly a giving, gifted and loyal sister!

Okay, I have one more pic to post, but Blogger hates me and won't let me add it. I'm going to try and post this and I'll do a seperate post for the last picture. Click here.

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