Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the great tradition of my grandfather....

...I went dumpster diving. Last night I was on a walk with Ava, and I spotted something in an accessible dumpster (as in I didn't break in anywhere) on our way. I asked myself, "could those wouldn't just throw those out..." but they were! And then I plotted to come back after dark and nab 'em. I hate to see anything go to waste! Do you like how I keep trying to justify myself?

So after Ava went to bed, I told Mr. Wonderful that I was going on an expedition. I pulled on my black fleece jacket, grabbed the empty stroller from the garage, and walked the short distance back to the dumpster. And this is what I found, right on top: Fabulous hardware samples! Mwahahah! So I threw them into the empty stroller (just as the neighbors were pulling in *whistles while looking around innocently*) and strolled back to the house to show Mr. Wonderful. It made me feel like a teenager! Stay at home moms gone wild!

If anybody asks, you NEVER saw this....


  1. wow! you are one brave girl! something i've never tried is dumpster diving. you sure found a nice catch -or handle or knob (hehe)
    judi ;)

  2. hehehehe funny! I wish I had the guts to do that!


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