Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why? Why now? Why here?

Okay, so on Monday I decided to stop eating sweets for awhile. While I was pregnant and now that I'm nursing I have really just gone overboard with sugar. And I'm a good rule follower, but not good at limiting myself so I decided just to cut them out altogether for awhile. Plus I did the same thing in college and was successful so I wanted to see if I could still do it.

Well last night we had a terrible sleeping night with Ava, and my alarm woke her up so I stumbled out of bed, starving, into the kitchen and saw this: They have been haunting me all day. I couldn't even eat lunch in the kitchen because they smelled so much better than my food and I swear the smell is following me around! But you know what? They are still sitting there on that plate. Bam! I can DO it. And I can ignore the Easter candy in the guest room. And the chocolate in the pantry. Heck, even the Diet Coke my mom left is tempting me from the fridge, and I think Diet Coke is g-r-o-s-s! Sorry, I had to rant.


  1. I've been thinking of doing something similar since I really need to be setting a better example now that Bella is more aware, but it's haaaaaaaard.

  2. you can do it ally! i cut out all refined sugar about 4 years ago and i'm so glad i did. it has been a blessing and no i don't use chemical substitutes either. (stevia for me)
    judi ;)

  3. Phil is sorry, but Doug should have finished them.

  4. Thanks guys. I'm glad I'm doing it, but I wish I could just handle moderation!

    And Doug DID finish them. He took them last night. Thank goodness!


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