Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Party!

On Saturday we hosted a little soiree for our dear friend Rach. We like to call her Auntie Rach (she's not my biological sister. She's my sister from a different Mister.) Ava wore a special onesie in honor of her "auntie": Rach has rather unique dietary needs, including but not limited to gluten-free foods. So we made a "Rachael-friendly" dinner. I invented a new food for it, modeled by Chris!
It's a hamburger, but instead of using a bun, I pan fried some potato slices in olive oil. (please ignore the ketchup. It's not Rachael friendly. Some of us (*ahem, Mr. Wonderful*) just couldn't give up our creature comforts!) We also snacked on grapes and cashews.

Thankfully, Rach's doc gave her the go ahead to have a slice of cake. So she brought a gluten- and dairy-free cake as well. I know, the birthday girl shouldn't bring her own cake, but I haven't mastered the art that is gluten- and dairy-free baking.
Happy Birthday, Rach! We love you!

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