Friday, April 16, 2010

Just For Fun

Our kitchen island is going to be featured in an upcoming publication, (which I will share with you when it comes out) which I am super excited about! My friend, K, wrote the article after we finished it awhile back. Today, they sent a photographer to take pictures of it. *the following pics are NOT the photographers pics. They are my point-and-shoot, homely, no clue about lighting pictures* I just thought I'd take advantage of my specially-cleaned-it-never-looks-like-this kitchen.

This one shows the newly painted cabinets! I considered trying to do a fancy dancy "tablescape". Buuuut, that is not my forte. So I used my new coffeepot, some faux flowers from Joanne's (I put some books in the bottom of the pot to make them stand up higher) aaaaand a couple of branches from a really pretty bush that may or may not be on our property that I nabbed last night after dark. Nabbing things after dark might be my new thing. So what? Big deal!

Ha! So the photographer just got a couple pictures of the island and then wanted some with ME in them. Jigga wha? Nobody mentioned that small detail. If they had I may have, I don't know, showered today. Or maybe put on some make up. So as not to look like frumpy mama. Hopefully they either do some amazing photoshop tricks or don't use them :0) Oy vey.

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  1. yay! I suppose I will have to become a follower so I don't miss the big announcement about your big debut!
    I love the island! Did you blog about it? I couldn't find it.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment about my crib leg (cutest table ever) :)


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