Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tutu tutorial

"Tutu cute". "Gaga for tutus. " So many options!

A friend of mine made a couple tutus for our other friend who is due this month, and she shared her secrets with me. Once again, it hadn't occurred to me that one could make one of these adorable baby accessories rather than pay $25 for them. But it is a no-sew, super easy and super CHEAP project. Not to mention that tutus are the latest in baby couture :0)


A length of ribbon. I chose pink satin ribbon and I got a yard of it, but it would probably be smarter to, you know, measure the waist of your prima ballerina.

Tulle. I ended up using 2.5 yards, but I've seen tutorials that use SIX yards. Depends on your desired level of fluffiness.

And that is seriously it!

I figured this out as I went. All you have to do is cut rectangles of the tulle, and tie them onto the ribbon. I'm guessing my rectangles were about 6" wide and 12" long. At first I used knots, and then I started looping the ends through and around the ribbon like so:

I don't really notice a difference either way. I just kept tying the tulle on until it covered the ribbon to where I had just enough left to tie a bow in the back.

At the end I just trimmed it with a scissors until it looked even to me. I should probably burn the ends of the ribbon to stop it from fraying too. The cost was about $4.00 (with coupons at Joanne) Don't you wish I had posted pictures of Ava wearing the tutu? Well, stay tuned, because they are coming. And the cute factor is going to go thorough the roof, so watch out!

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