Saturday, February 13, 2010

Five Minute Free Kitchen Makeover

I could not believe the difference this made in my kitchen. How it looks AND how it feels. Look at this fridge. Look at it! It's ridiculous. It does have some wonderful things displayed. In the upper right hand corner you can see the picture I was talking about in my last post. "Paid in full" document from one of Mr. Wonderful's school loans. Ava's ultrasound picture. But I was ready for a change. So I took it all off! It gives me some breathing room. Some blank space in our home. Makes it feel less cluttered. It made me more accountable for making sure I have a place for everything. And it prepares us for what I ultimately would love to do with the fridge. Looking for the fridge in the link? Why, it's underneath the beadboard of course! (dying, dying, dying, I love this so much. She did it herself. So genius.)

But for now, I'm loving THIS!

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  1. Hey thanks for your comment! Lol, I'm gonna have to go and do this, like, right now!!


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