Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adding some texture

I'm getting started on a project for our office area. When I picture the office area, I really wanted some natural textures incorporated. I have seen other bloggers use jute twine in their projects, and it looks easy, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Here are my supplies: I used a tin can with the label taken off. To prevent sharp edges, the top of this can was taken off with a safety can opener (LOVE those things). I got the twine at Ace Hardware (I love the selection there and the service was incredible.) Basically I glued the twine in a spiral around the can and kept going!
I used waaaay too much hot glue, though, so for my next one I'm going to try to use less and really push the twine together as I go along. It looks a little forlorn all by itself, but I think it'll look really good on the desktop with the other stuff. And such a green craft!

I'm going to link this to DIY day at A Soft Place to Land (with THE Kimba, who FYI, commented on my rug! Woot!)


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  1. My office space is such a disaster right now!! I really need to do some beautifying! I love jute twine and I love that you used a regular tin can!


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