Wednesday, March 3, 2010

$.50 craft

I came across this when I was at the Goodwill the other day. Yep. It was the worst picture of a button covering kit ever. Just kidding. I took that horrible picture. But if I could've taken a good picture of the back I would. Because it said $.99 on a PINK tag. Which meant 50% off, yo. Yes! When I saw it, a craft I saw on a blog came to mind. If I could only remember which one...
So basically, you take the little metal wire insert-y things out of the buttons. (super easy) Cut out the pattern on the package and use it to cut out little fabric circles. Wrap the fabric around the button covers (easy, easy, easy) and pop the back in (easy.)

Then you hot glue a tack onto the button to make a super cute tack to dress up your bulletin board. I realized as I was at the Goodwill that we don't HAVE a bulletin board. Which I'm sad about, because I love these! Luckily I have a sister with a birthday coming up who is a teacher. Who surely has bulletin boards. Who hopefully doesn't read my blog. Jen, if you're out there, you never saw this...

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  1. ALLY! I just made 10 of these about a month ago! They're on my tack board at my desk at work. Be warned, though - 2 of my covered buttons came off the push pin right away. I think I might try a combo of hot glue and then super glue for next time. They are so freaking cute, though. Love it!

  2. Thanks for the info! (is this Lindo? Or a different Lindsey? I can't see your profile...)
    I'll have to try the super glue out before I send it to my sister. That would be a great b-day gift! Broken push pins!


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