Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Those darn pot lids!

Ugh. Our pot lids used to be strewn about inside our cupbords. Granted, this is not a Pottery Barn fix, but it IS a $1.50 fix and it takes much less time to find our pot lids. It's just a plastic dish drainer.
In the spirit of small house love, another reason that Remodeling guy gives to love living in a small space is that it motivates you to create outdoor spaces to live in, like this:

Ugh! Calgon take me away! Easy for YOU to say, Remodeling Guy! It's probably not 2 degrees where you live....:0) It does get me thinking about creating a space outside for this summer. Only four more months....

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  1. Great idea - I have such a hard time with all our pot lids in our non-functional cabinets. I'm enjoying this series immensely, as I feel we have no space in our townhome (even though it is bigger than your place, we don't have a basement for storage and our garage has little free space which makes things tricky).


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