Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Small House Love

So one of the things I want to blog about is living in a small home. I got a great perspective on this from a blog called Remodeling Guy which, sadly, is no more. But he shared a lot of reasons why living in small home is great. One of the reasons is that it forces you to be organized. I am learning a lot about organization, and to impart a few ideas to you all, I will be featuring a short series on keeping organized in 700 square feet. Okay, thankfully, we have a basement and garage for extra storage, but we live in about 700 square feet. The title of the series is a nod to one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.

Here is our collection of DVDs. As you can see, we have been storing them on the bottom shelf of our entertainment center. With a daughter on the cusp of crawling, we realized this will have to change. She is already scooting over there and chewing on the cases. I picked up a couple of CD cases from Goodwill for about $1.50 a piece and we will put all the DVD cases into "deep storage" (aka a box in the basement) . Our collection of movies will be much more streamlined and out of reach of The Bird (Ava).
Much better!

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