Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Re-cap

We enjoyed a GREAT Christmas. We went and visited my side of the family in Moorhead, Minnesota. Here is a picture of my siblings and I with our grandparents. Check out our fabulous tie-dyed couture courtesy of my fabulous and crafty sister: Mr. Wonderful, Ava and I. Ava had already, ahem, soiled her tie dye :0(
Ava with Great Grandma and Grandpa and her younger (by 3 weeks) cousin Devin:
Grandpa sporting his normal attire (he's quite an accessorizer):
Ava with her really special stocking. Ava's middle name is Yvonne, named after my wonderful aunt, who passed away in 2002. My uncle sent her stocking for Ava and Mom embroidered Ava's name above hers. What a wonderful way to remember her!
Ava with Grandma in the special outfit Grandma bought her for Christmas.
SO BLESSED! We are headed out of town for the weekend for a retreat with our Bible study peeps. Super pumped. Have a good one!

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