Monday, February 8, 2010

Underbed storage

Back at it! We just got our new computer (!) up and running, so I've been away a bit.
I realized recently that we are not using the space underneath our bed and our guestroom bed. This is prime real estate in a small home! I decided to use the space under our guestroom bed as gift wrap storage.

We have a TON of gift bags from our wedding and our baby showers. When you get married and have a baby in a 15 month span of time they tend to pile up. Also, we almost exclusively use gift bags for the reuse aspect of them. That's why I decided on this storage solution.

Since they fold flat, I just got some cardboard underbed storage boxes from the dollar store. I folded the mountains of tissue paper flat as well to be reused.
So we went from this piled up in the basement:

To sliding these away under the bed:

These are the boxes I used from the Dollar Store:

They do the job just fine for something you won't be in and out of very often. I'm happy with how it frees up the basement space (another one of our projects). And with the amazing number of babies due at our church and in our circle of friends, we'll hopefully weed through those gift bags and free up some space for other things.

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