Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Heavenly Day!

Most of the time I feel like I can't get going on a lot of projects. It feels like there is a roadblock at every turn. I'm just not a naturally crafty person. I'm not a cutthroat organizer like my mom (seriously, you should see her work. Its ridonkeykong.) But yesterday the heavens opened, the angels started singing and I actually accomplished something.

I've been working on getting some pictures on the wall in the living room and the master. In the living room we have kind of a fun vibe going on, so I wanted to hang some more pictures from our honeymoon and just some fun times. One of the roadblocks I encountered was that a couple of the frames I wanted to use only had easel backs and not hooks. Thanks to mom (see?) I had a tool kit that included hardware for frames. So I used some tiny nails and put a hook on this bamboo frame that we bought on our honeymoon. (Antigua. Heavenly!) Almost 2 years ago. I guess its about time I got around to using it! On Young House Love, I was reading about how they use strips from a photo booth they rented for their wedding as art. Well, it just so happens that we have one of those from a wedding we went to a couple of years ago, and I had just taken said photo off my fridge when I was cleaning it. (Can you hear the angels singing?) Isn't it cute and fun? We had such a good time at the wedding and I thought it would add to the fun factor in our living room. Roadblock! The couple's (though they are lovely) name and wedding date are on the picture!

Well, in the said tool kit, there happened to be a roll of electric tape (heavens opening...) I personally like to call it "custom matting." This frame only had an easel back as well. I ended up using a swiss army knife to cut a long horizontal rectangle in the top of the back (it is basically cardboard) and hung it on the nail from that.

Not bad, eh?

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