Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Go With the Flow

Continuing our series on small space living, let's talk about spacial flow.

I recently learned from a Young House Love article that round tables are better for spacial flow than cornered tables. Which makes a lot of sense, now that they mentioned it. I would start looking for a new coffee table for our living room, but I don't think it would work for two reasons. #1. we have an unnatural addiction to Ticket to Ride, which fits perfectly on our table. And #2. a circular coffee table would look funny off-set on a circular rug. And I am not making another one. :0)

Using a round ottoman mixes up the shapes used in this configuration, and makes it so much easier to move around. You cannot DIY that view, my friend!

Well, I'm off to try and figure out how to get some of these fabulous pictures to show up from the web instead of just putting up links. Because this blog post is looking BOR-ing.

I know! I'll post a cute picture of Ava!

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