Monday, February 15, 2010

Things are finally coming together for old Liz Lemon

Maybe I should just call this blog "Quotes From 30 Rock." It's so addicting!

I am delving into the world of Mod Podge! I wanted to start small to practice, as I am craft challenged. I saw some Mod Podged binder clips somewhere in blogdom, and I had some binder clips I wanted to pretty up! Maybe my craftlessness is turning.(things are finally coming together for old Ally Lemon...) I just looked through a magazine, found some cute backgrounds and cut them to fit the black part of the binder clips. Then I applied Mod Podge to the binder clip, and the back of the magazine paper, and stuck it to the binder clip. I started on one end and tried to smooth the paper to the edges as I went to the other side to prevent bubbles. I put a layer of podge over the top and let it dry for about 15 minutes, added the word on top using the same steps. I let it dry again and did one more coat for good measure.
I'm using the binder clips in our laundry basket to keep the canvas bag from slipping down (over and over and over...) so I used "laundry" like words.

It was a fun project to practice Mod Podging. There will be more Mod Podging in my future. For more fun projects, check out It's hardcore!

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  1. I love these!
    I love ModPodging
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