Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book storage

I hate, hate, hate to have a cluttered nightstand. Okay, well my nightstand is actually our dresser, but it is close enough to our bed to be a nightstand. I also have quite a reading habit. So I tend to get a "tower" of books on my bedside table. Sound familiar to any of you?

Well, it hit me one day that there is a handy little gap between the side rails and the mattress on our bed. And I'm sure lots of beds out there. It is the perfect place for a book. At least a book that isn't too long. If it's Harry Potter, you're on your own! Now that we put our bedskirt on, they are all hidden too! Another reason to love small homes is that your kids can't hide too much of their lives from you. It forces a family to be closer together when they can't go off to their own quarters. Poor Ava. She will have all those boys chasing after her, and I'll be able to hear every word she says over the phone (or whatever technology exists then. Probably it'll be the ibrain and people will just send their thoughts to each other's minds. Ugh, I'll never be able to keep up!

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