Monday, September 5, 2011

Disaster Averted

I mentioned in my last post that we've had a lot of project fails around here lately, but here's one we were able to turn around. We brought some low bookshelves from Grandma's house that I thought we could turn into toy shelves for Ava. That way, I figured, I could put her toys in her room and get them out of the living room. Bonus! I knew the shelves weren't wood, but they certainly looked paintable. They were painted black, and I wanted to paint them white on the outside and green on the inside. First we tried to paint them without sanding them first. Not successful. The paint just beaded up. So Mr. Wonderful sanded them down lightly. This is what we got: You can see that some random areas just would not take paint.

We tried sanding again, but didn't get much farther. I was about ready to throw the towel in, when Mr. Wonderful said "what about covering it with some kind of fabric?" (where does he come up with this stuff?) and I thought to myself "Duh! Mod Podge!" So, I picked out some fabric (I would have probably preferred to use just one kind of fabric, but I didn't have enough of any one fabric that I liked and I wanted to do this as cheaply as possible.) I just brushed the Mod Podge on the shelves first, then on the back of the fabric and stuck it up there. Then I Mod Podged over the top of the fabric.

I ended up buying some twill trim from Joanne's (maybe $6?) to make it look more finished. In the end, we don't see too much of the fabric anyway. I like how they turned out and I love freeing up the space in our 10x10 living room!

Thanks to Mr. Wonderful for saving the day!

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  1. I super heart ModPodge!! Turned out super cute Ally! I am going back to work at Joann's for fun, it will be good seeing you again. :)


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