Monday, May 24, 2010

Sew, I have some news...

I bought a sewing machine! I'm super excited about it. I got it for $30 from an older lady who was moving out of her apartment. It doesn't sound like it has been used too much. It looks a lot like the one my mom had growing up, so it might not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it's familiar. I didn't do very much sewing at all apart from my home ec classes in junior high, but I was surprised at how much I remembered. Thanks, Mrs. Puffy (yup, Mrs. Puffy). As a side note, in junior high I sewed a pillow shaped like a cyclops. A staple of fashionable decor.

For my next project (after cyclops pillow) I decided to make some cloth wipes for Ava. We already use cloth diapers, but we have been using paper towels sprayed with water for her wipes so far. Having a diaper pail AND a garbage seemed silly, the more I thought about it.

So a friend from church gave me some sherpa, and I repurposed some flannel sheets I already had. I cut them to match and put the wrong sides together. I made some 8x8s, but then made some of different sizes with the scraps. Then I did a zigzag stitch around the edges. Easy, but a major feat for me. I had to learn to thread the machine, bring the thread up from the bobbin (hate the bobbin), change the foot, figure out why 3 threads would come up from the bobbin sometimes, and just get the feel for my new machine. Ignore my toes in the picture, m'kay? Oh, and if you're wondering about the black thread, it was an artistic choice. It has nothing to do with my hatred for the bobbin and my reluctance to change it. Oh, and the wipes have been working GREAT! I could kick myself for waiting so long!

And a picture for Grandma. A new hat picture!
And yes, she is as delightful as she looks!

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