Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Very Trix-y

I like to think my decorating style is like the tortoise from "The Tortoise and the Hare". It seems like it is taking forever to do some of these projects, but slow and steady wins the race!

This little project was inspired by Kimba from her "good enough" mudroom. I really love chalkboard stuff, and I thought these chalkboard tags could help us organize our little mud-space. I could have bought pre-made chalkboard tags at Joanne's for about $1.50/3, which would have been a steal. BUT I found a cheaper, greener option on another blog.

I cut these tags out of cereal boxes. I think I used that receipt as a template. Then I used chalkboard paint on the glossy side of the cereal box. Otherwise it'll soak in too much and curl it. They still curled, but straightened out as they dried.

You know the drill: two coats of chalkboard paint, let it cure for 24 hours and then cover the surface it with chalk and erase before using it.

Then I used some scrapbook paper to cover up the non-glossy side of the tags. I attached the tags to some baskets I got at a rummage sale for $.25 each with some jute twine.

Sorry for the awful lighting. I think the baskets will be great for mittens and hats this winter. Also, there will be a lower shelf to put them on eventually. :0) Pretty good looking cereal boxes, eh?

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