Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Raising the Bar

I tried an experiment this week. I am a devoted Nesting Place reader, and have been intrigued by her window "mistreatment" expertise. I have really no experience in and hardly any opinions about window treatments. I only know that I hate the 80's balloon valances. Seriously.

So when Mr. Wonderful first put up our curtains and said "where do you want 'em?" I was not sure how to respond. I mean, they go above the windows, right? So they have looked like this for the past couple of years (broken shades and all): There's Mr. Wonderful now!
There's me waving in the reflection!
Since I read that curtains should be hung high and wide so as to let in as much light as possible, they have been staring me in the face. All. Winter. Also, those leaf thingys seemed too redundant.
So this week, (with some help from Mr. Wonderful) I rehung the curtain rods. I didn't know exactly where to put them, so I picked 4 inches from the ceiling and about 4 inches from the window moulding (I think 5 inches on the small window). Totally arbitrary. I didn't have to go quite THIS far.
I also super-glued the broken shades. Eventually I'd like to get some bamboo shades, but for now, I just made it work. I also got rid of one of the curtain tie-backs. I dunno. Like I said, I'm pretty clueless. But I DO know that I like the effect much better. And it has stopped them from taunting me with their low-ness and mis-placed-ness. so I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

The windows look bigger, no? If you know of any other good online resources for window treatments, let me know!


  1. Much better! I love your making-do attitude--pretty and frugal!
    Thanks for your book suggestions! I have read several of them already ( I love Redeeming Love and Safely Home), but I need to try Lori Wick.

  2. I think it looks great. Honestly, I love to look at decor books from the library and even the magazines in the mail from Pottery Barn and such and then just go for a similar look.


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