Friday, April 23, 2010

DIY Wedding Decor, Part Deux

For Part I of this post, click here

Last, I wanted to share our favors. They are also a Martha find. Nests actually add up if you buy 300 of them, so my mom found an awesome frugal alternative. These are actually little wreaths that were about $.10 a piece. She just clipped them and re-formed them into nests.

I ordered the eggs from a local candy shop. I can't express to you HOW delicious they were. They were chocolate with caramel inside. was a beautiful day!


  1. Hey! That was my place setting! Those eggs were delicious. I think I ate mine and Lauren's.

    Your wedding decorations really were beautiful. I was impressed even before I realized you hand made so many of them. Those center pieces were just perfect!

  2. Totally. Thanks for the pic, dude! The only eggs I got to eat were the samples. I was too busy at the wedding!


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