Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper pretties!

Hi friends,
I have been a bit mia, but it is due to so many projects getting done. So it's a good thing!

I threw a baby shower for a friend this past weekend. She's an avid gardener, so we made it a garden theme. When I saw the tissue pomanders at Martha's website I knew I had to make them: You may have seen these around the blogosphere. I think this version is probably the easiest. I can't imagine anything easier! They turned out so cute! I used paper lanterns from the Dollar Tree (much cheaper than a styrofoam sphere), Elmer's glue, and used tissue paper from wedding and baby gifts we have gotten. I actually think the crinkly used tissue paper looks the best.
I folded up the tissue into a small square, used a canning jar to trace around for a circle pattern and cut the circle out. This left me with a bunch of tissue paper circles. Wrap the tissue paper around a pen or pencil, elementary school style. Dot the end of the pencil in glue and press onto the lantern. Repeat a billion times. This is a great project to do while watching hulu or chatting with a friend. Kind of mindless and fun! Big shout out to Rach, who helped me out!

On March 25th Living With Lindsay is doing a $5 challenge. The challenge is to create a craft for $5 or less from items found at a dollar store (you can use some materials you already have on hand too.) At $1 a piece, these tissue pomanders should fit the criteria!


  1. These are great! I love your idea of using the dollar store lanterns, they even have the hanger on the top. Good thinking!


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