Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Asters and Zinneas and Alyssum, oh my!

In addition to the paper pretties, I extended the garden theme of the baby shower to the centerpieces/prizes. First, Rach and I planted some seeds. I was actually very nervous about this part. You see, I kill most plants that I touch. Once I even killed a tree in my parents yard with a lawn mower. I ran over it. The upside is when I offered to mow the lawn from then on they politely declined. :0) So you can imagine my excitement when I passed the flower pots and saw this: They were sprouting! I freaked out to Mr. Wonderful, but he was distracted. So I told him to be more excited! He tried. He really did. Then I called Rach. She was excited like me!

I was wondering aloud to Mr. W about how to label the flowers (we planted three types) and he suggested writing right on the pot. Instantly I thought of the chalkboard projects I've seen in Blogland and decided it would be a great excuse to buy some chalkboard paint.

Here they are on my messy kitchen island!

They'll be so handy, because this size of pot is just for starting seeds out, so I will have to relabel them a lot. Now that I know I can sort of grow something. (yes, I kept some for myself!)

Here are the centerpieces. Ignore the big white barcoded label, mkay? The hydrangeas were a steal at Aldi and I got the garden gloves and trowel (also prizes) at Dollar Tree. The fabric is from my stash. The pots were 3/$1 and the seeds were $.25/pack at Dollar Tree. I had the soil and I got the chalkboard paint at Joanne's. It was a fun shower and I had a good time planning it! Now we're just waiting for the baby. Hang in there K, you'll do great!


  1. I love the plants & the paper decorations. I will steal these ideas for the baby showers that I will someday plan for my friends!

  2. Great idea~
    I love chalkboard paint!
    Thanks for the post...


  3. They were definitely a super great idea, and I loved all the decorations at the shower-thanks again friend, for doing such an awesome job!


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