Monday, December 20, 2010

My Apologies to All You Musicians...

I can't let you see what is inside these packages before the 25th, but I'll show you how I'm wrapping this year!

Long ago, when I was but a music major, my mom started buying me sheet music at flea markets, antique stores, rummage sales, etc. Mostly piano and choral music. I'm not sure how she'll feel about this, but I've found a use for it all!

Here is how I prettied up the cookie mixes I gave out:
I love the mix of music, burlap and ravel-y muslin. (not Ravel-y, you music geeks!) Muslin makes great gift tags, by the way. On some of them I just used a black Sharpie wherever it worked, and I liked that, too.

The best flower pattern I found was here. It works well with paper. Have a most blessed Christmas everyone!!!


  1. Glad you liked my island. :) I too LOVE the old porcelain top to my island...just blessed that my mom gave me the old table to start it all out with. :) Thanks for commenting!
    PS, I love chocolate dipped potato chips too! yummo! :)

  2. hi ally, thanks for commenting on my wreaths...i will have to try book pages next!

    what a great idea...never thought of using the sheet music for gift wrap. love the texture of the burlap and muslin alongside it.
    i glued a small section of sheet music to die cut tags for some gifts and they came out quite well...what i didn't plan was that on one ,the verse was, "with angelic host proclaim, Christ is born in Bethlehem" cool and unexpected was that!

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