Friday, June 25, 2010

Now headlining....our kitchen island!

Hey, lookee here! No, above the giant fur cleaning ad (seriously, how often have you seen people in Wausau wearing furs. How can you make a living doing that?) .....

It's our kitchen island featured in You Magazine! (a publication of the Wausau Daily Herald) I think it's a women's magazine. It doesn't say that on the cover, but all of the people on the "board" are women, so I think it's safe to assume. My friend, K, saw the island and asked if she could write a how-to article about it. It was really sweet of her and she did a great job with the article. It was fun to be interviewed and see it in print. And I'm really glad they didn't use the picture with ME in it!!!


  1. You're famous! You're famous!

    Seriously - very cool. Good job to you & your husband!

  2. I know, right? The paparazzi keep hounding us for a look at it. :0)


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