Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sockin' it to Ya!

Ava is mobile in full-force now. We are used to the spills, slips and bumps that come with the territory. I realized, however, that most of her socks don't have "grippies" on the bottom. Maybe that's because she has tiny feet and most of her socks would fit a baby that can't even crawl yet. :0) So I remembered a tip I saw in Real Simple: use puffy paint! Remember? From the 80's?

Here is a picture of her new socks. (or "shaaaa!" in Ava-ese) I put cardboard inside the socks so the paint didn't leak through to the other side. It was pretty super easy. And Ava stays on her feet (a little bit) more. :0)


  1. This is a GREAT idea! I'll have to try it out. Olivia also has tiny feet, so a lot of her socks don't have grippies. Your blog is so full of great ideas. Thanks!

  2. I noticed this when I watched her. What a cute idea! (Kinda surprised they still sell puffy paint lol)


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