Sunday, September 23, 2012


Let's talk about fall, people. Or autumn. Autumn is such a nice word. Autumn always reminds me of college. I went to college in Maine, where autumn is just breathtaking. The colors, the crisp air. Ahhh.

We went back to Wausau this weekend to work around the house and visit friends. We didn't end up doing a whole lot of work, as the lawn didn't need mowing or raking, but we did some spackling and touch up painting. Our realtor did an open house on Saturday, and 3 or 4 groups went through, which was actually more than I expected. We saw a bunch of friends which was great, as we had to pack up and move so fast that we didn't get to visit everyone we wanted to. Good weekend.

We drove back this morning so we wouldn't miss a week of finding a church. It was so beautiful. The fall colors, the red barns. I was just taking it all in, wishing I had a steaming mug of tea in my hands, Thinking about college days and being thankful for my family. I don't want to miss out on my favorite season because I am transitioning. SO. I am determined to get out this week and enjoy it to the fullest. Not in a "must pin all the fall things!" way, but just chasing the beauty. I have my doubts that it's going to be as pretty here as it is in Maine or Wausau, (we were joking about how nice it was to see "free range" trees this weekend as opposed to the manicured ones we see here) but that's okay.


  1. It's so amazing outside. I know many central Wisconsinites love this time of year. "Chasing the beauty"...I like that. With all my overtime this month, I'll have to settle for some compressed beauty chasing moments. God's best to you guys in the transition!

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