Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Whole Moving Thing

We have about 2.5 weeks until the big move. I think. Because we don't have anywhere to live yet! (mild freak out). We are planning to rent for a year so we can get settled, figure out if this is what we want, find a great house, and save up for a down payment. And sell our current house. I think God has definitely used this house to prepare me for apartment living. Actually almost all the apartments I've seen has higher square footage than our house, has a dishwasher *swoon* and a bathtub. Did I mention that my 3 year old still takes baths in an infant bathtub? Good thing she is in the 3rd percentile, no? And since having Claire, my desire to be crafty and diy-y has really diminished. I have time for that later, but right now I have 2 precious little girls to concentrate on. I am not crafty by nature, so it takes a lot of effort and time and I'd rather spend it on them. And not having to do maintenance on an old house for a year? Sign me up (and by that I mean sign US up. Mr. Wonderful is not crazy about home maintenance.) Especially after all the projects we're doing getting our house on the market. Not to mention all the money we've spent.

But we're making good progress. Our realtor comes today to list it as well as the carpet installer. Roofing this weekend. My sweet friend is watching the girls today so I can work. We have so much support.

It all kinda hit me a couple of days after Mr. Wonderful got the job offer. We were actually at my parent's house for a family wedding. My parents are kind of in the same boat right now, except they sold their house already and are closing on the 31st. I had to say goodbye to their house for the last time when we left--so many changes all at once. An uncertain future. But I'm so thankful I have a God who holds it!

Anywhooo, Ava is up. It's showtime!


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