Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latest DIY Project

Ava and I did an impromptu photo session the other day to deliver a very special message:

Did you get it?

How 'bout now?

She's gonna be a big sister! We are due at the end of Oct./early Nov. We got to see "Ziggy 2" on ultrasound yesterday and he/she is looking great. We're not sure if we will find out whether baby will be a little brother or a little sister yet. I haven't been too sick (well, except that week I had a stomach bug--ugh), just tired and nauseous. Hopefully, that'll be over with soon. :0)

We are so excited about this addition to our family, and excited to watch Ava become a big sister!


  1. Official congrats! So how many weeks does that make you? (Too sleepy to calculate...)

    I love how you curled Ava's hair for the photoshoot. Haha, I kid. People think I curl Bella's hair :) Ava's locks really are looking quite lovely.

    Hope the first tri nausea & fatigue is over and done soon!

  2. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you guys Ally! :)


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