Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hybrid Wreath

Ever since Christmas was over, I've been needing a new wreath on our front door. Since the decor around the doorstep was all red, it made sense to keep it all and just switch it out with a Valentine's Day wreath. Aaaand it was blank for about a month, but no more! I made a hybrid of this wreath and this wreath.

I had these great Valentine's Day cupcake liners, but I didn't know if they would be enough to cover the wreath form. Curiously the packaging didn't mention the square footage they would cover. Odd.

But I knew I had some red felt around and I would make it all work out in the end, so I went for it.

Kinda cutesy, but I like it. I got the wreath form at Joanne's (with 40% off coupon, of course) for about $2.80. Everything else was free!

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