Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Book Page Wreath!

Happy New Year, all! I think 2011 is going to be a great year. I've got a feeling!

We had a great Christmas with family, and also a few quiet days here at home before we go back to our regularly scheduled programming. AND Ava treated us to two days of sleeping in. Bliss!

I've got some terrible photographs of a gift I made for my mom. I decided to try my hand at a "book page" wreath. These are all over the place in Blogland, but here is a link to the wreath that started it all. I actually used the same sheet music I used for wrapping my gifts. There are a ton of tutorials out there, but I'll share what I found as I made mine.
First off, I added a little embellishment. I didn't realize when I bought it that the gold would kind of blend in with the color of the old music butI still like it. It's a little bird on a little branch if you can't tell from the super high quality pic. I just stuck them into the styrofoam. No glue, so it could be changed out if desired. I started off rolling up the rectangles of music into kind of a figure 8 and hot glueing them on to the form, but I found after awhile that it turned into more of a puffball. I couldn't even see the hole in the wreath. I didn't like that, so I decided to make my rectangles much smaller. Then I realized that I should've wrapped the wreath form in sheet music to begin with, so I kind of hacked that together. I ended up trimming the wreath with a scissors until I liked it. That worked great. My mom actually plays the piano AND the harp (and encouraged us in our music studies, which was great. Except that summer when she made US take harp lessons. It was all kinds of adolescent angst.) so this seemed like it would work for her. I also got her one of those wreath storage tubs, 'cause this wreath would be tough to store, and they will probably be moving in the next few years.
So there it is! It was a fun and easy project. I got a sewing book for Christmas, as well as a good scissors, a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, fabric, etc. So I'm excited to start working on some sewing projects.

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  1. I love the wreath, Ally. Thanks again.
    Love, Mom. I don't know why you and your sister didn't appreciate the harp lessons when you were young. It did make sense that you told me the only reason I made you take harp lessons is because really I wanted to learn harp. You were right, my wise daughter, but if you had continued, we could play duets.


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